Oxana Lychagina
Artist, architect, creator of Oxana Lychagina private gallery
Oxana Lychagina is a Russian artist and architect, a member of Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the Creative Union of Professional Artists


Was born in Moscow. After graduating from MArchI, she founded the architecture and design studio "OLstudio" in 1998 and did more than 250 projects with following publications in well-known magazines. From implementing ideas in interior design she moved to creating collections of paintings, taking part in many exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Oxana became an artist as an adult with well-established worldview. Her rich experience in architecture helps her to understand and "feel" the material world, time and space, as well as the magic of thoughts materialization.

Oxana Lychagina currently lives and works in Moscow.

"In my approach, I strive to work deeply, at the level of meanings and archetypes. Whenever I create art, I want to deliver the message and feelings - without any words, outside of time and space, only through visual images. I enjoy thinking over a plot and action in modern interpretation and then embodying it in my unique painting technique. The concept of my artworks lies withing the reinterpretation of traditions in new reality of our world - we already have this images deeply in our memory, and my purpose is to give them new life in the present and future.

Through my art I support eternal values - life, love, beauty and the fact that everything in this world is connected. I started painting with the idea in mind that I want to paint light itself - now I try to understand what it means and express it on my canvas" - Oxana Lychagina.

"Unique new techniques reinforce the underlying meanings of great Russian traditions. Artworks created with gold, silver, liquid glass, acrylic and tempera become artist's response to the world around her. The application technique comes from iconography. It is important for Oxana that the viewer communicates with the painting directly at the level of feelings, not thoughts. She always treats art with special flutter, as an opportunity to feel connections through time and space. Without words. And the stronger these connections are - the louder the artwork speaks." - Glossy.ru, 2017.

Exhibition "Russian Seasons in London" - World Art Fest, Imitate Modern gallery, Zima restaurant, London

Exhibition ARSLONGA, The Vernadsky State Geological Museum, Moscow

Exhibition Moscowshowpen 2019, ЦМТ, Moscow

Exhibition «Cultural Missions from Russia», Cultural and educational center, Paris

Exhibition «Art Today», Creative Union Of Artists Of Russia, Moscow

Exhibition «Let's snow», Alpert gallery, Moscow

Exhibition "Charm of winter days", Central house of artists, Moscow


Exhibition "The great space of being", State Museum of modern history of Russia, Moscow

Exhibition "My Motherland", Moscow city Duma, Moscow

Exhibition "Tryn-trava", Alpert gallery, Moscow

Exhibition "Icon painting. 10 years of SOFIA", Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Moscow

Exhibition "Space of Sunlight", Central house of artists, Moscow

Exhibition "Silver age", Museum of Literature, Moscow

Exhibition "Art and religion", Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Moscow

International art exhibition "Man & City", Larnaca (Cyprus)

Personal exhibition of 2 artists "Fleur & Oxana", OLstudio, Moscow

Exhibition "Winter mosaic", Central house of artists, Moscow


Exhibition "Inedible table", Miami Art Week, Miami

Exhibition "Christmas in Dmitrov", Creative Union of artists of Russia, Dmitrov

Exhibition «DesignerMade», Alpert Gallery, Moscow

Personal exhibition "Let's eat! Serving from Oxana Lychagina!", Center of fashion and design DPI and Russian Museum of decorative and applied arts, Moscow

Exhibition of works at the XIX world festival of youth and students, Sochi

Russian festival "My Land, I owe you!», Moscow

Exhibition "ARS LONGA art project" with the support of the Russian Academy of ARTS and the Ministry of culture, Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Moscow

Personal exhibition «ArtGlass», Crystal house "Bakhmetev", Moscow

Exhibition "Art today. Self-Portrait", Creative Union Of Artists Of Russia, Moscow

Exhibition "Fair art", Art gallery at Novinsky, Moscow


Personal exhibition at the presentation of the project "Diamond Fund of elite real estate", Moscow

Personal exhibition of 2 artists, Art-Chalet Gallery, Moscow

Exhibition "Merry-go-round", Here on Taganka Gallery, Moscow

Exhibition «China Cross Border E-commerce International Designer Products Fair & Zhejiang Imported Goods Expo», China

Exhibition Maison & Objet, Paris
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