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Russian Seasons in London with the participation of Oxana Lychagina
The exhibition held at Imitate Modern was complemented by another art event that was also part of World Art Fest. The Russian restaurant "Zima" presented Oxana Lychagina's new art project "Poster for the Russian fairy tale" featuring a unique series of graphics and a collection of decorative handmade plates by the artist. Another gem of the exposition was a selection of works featured at London Street Photography Festival 2019. "Zima" also hosted a special dinner for art collectors, film-branches, lectures, and a video program.
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Great success of Russian Seasons in London
"Russian Seasons" exhibition, which was on view at Imitate Modern from October 4 through October 6, brought to London original yet affordable art by some of the most talented contemporary artists. These include works by Julia Vergazova, Oxana Lychagina, Elena Niconole, Ekaterina Starodubtseva, Ivan Plusch, Evgeny Granilshchikov, and Irina Drozd. Along with artworks by Russian artists, Imitate Modern presented an amazing selection of works by Tyler Shields, John Paul Fauves, and other international stars of urban and street art.
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Oxana Lychagina
took part in the international exhibition of contemporary art World Art Fest in London
Parallel programme of World Art Fest was in London restaurant of russian cuisine "Zima". It included collector's dinner after World Art Fest VIP preview and showing of collection "Preview to russian fairy tale", unique decorative hand made plates in russian style and graphic series by Oxana Lychagina.
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Oxana Lychagina and World Art Fest - Russian Seasons in London
By opening "Russian Seasons" in London as part of World Art Fest, organisers were trying to re-establish a popular tradition of showing iconic representatives of russian art. Exibition was supplemented by the best works of London Street Photography Festival 2010 and Oxana Lychagina's project "Preview to russian fairy tale".
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Oxana Lychagina's solo exhibition of setting tables
By 22th of October had finished the XIX International Youth and Student Festival and Oxana Lychagina - designer and architect - had been teaching several master classes.
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Fine porcelain. Exhibition of hand painted porcelain was held in OLstudio gallery.
The official opening was held in OLstudio gallery by Oxana Lychagina. Porcelain complemented a wide range of aspects of design, which were presented in the art space.
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Architect Oxana Lychagina opened a solo exibition in crystalline house "Бахметевъ"
Panel and decorative plates looked good in old entourage and showed the full potentail: nearby the glass lines they didn't look strange. Anyways, the classic atmosphere isn't neccesssary for "gold" decor by Oxana Lychagina, it always looks good in different spaces.
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Report from Paris exhibition of decor Maison&Objet
The discovery of exhibition was Dolly booth by architect Oxana Lychagina, where artist presented he collection of unique plates and decorative panels. This collection attracted a great interest in Europe.
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В гостях у Roomble: Оксана Лычагина, архитектор, художник и модельер
Oxana Lychagina as a guest of Roomble: archiect, artist and designer
How to make the interior, which will be relevant in several years? What is the best skill for designer? Read more about how Oxana makes interior for her clients, in which they live long and happy life
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Exhibition of paintings and graphics "Christmas in Dmitrov"
The Museum "Dmitrov Kremlin" hosts an exhibition of paintings and graphics called "Christmas in Dmitrov" organized by the Creative Union of artists of Russia.
Master class "Elephant in the china shop"
On 4th of November at the exhibition "Please come to the table! Serving by Oxana Lychagina" there was a Master class called "Elephant in the сhina shop" as a part of "Night of art in the Museum".
Exhibition "Please come to the table! Serving from Oxana Lychagina"
On 26th of October 2017 the opening of Oxana Lychagina's solo exhibition "Please come to the table! Serving from Oxana Lychagina!" was successfully held in the Center of fashion and design of DPI Museum.
The centre of fashion and design presents a table setting by OLstudio
In new space of Museum of arts & crafts and folk art, devoted to fashion - Centre of fashion and design - was held the exhibition "Please come to the table! Serving from Oxana Lychagina!". Architect, designer and owner of Olstudio Oxana Lychagina pesented hers author's approach to table setting, responsibe for current russian living conditions.
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The opening of the new project by Oxana Lychagina "Art Glass"
13 июля Boogie Gallery и Хрустальный дом «Бахметьевъ» приглашает на открытие нового художественного проекта Оксаны Лычагиной Art Glass. Art Glass – проект, соединивший в себе современное искусство и старинные русские традиции. Уникальные новые техники усиливают заложенные глубинные смыслы великих русских традиций. Работы с использованием золота, серебра, жидкого стекла, акрила, темперы стали откликом художника на всё, что окружает. Техника нанесения привнесена из иконописи.
Art Glass is the project, which connects contemporary art and old russian traditions. New and unique techologies intensify deep senses of russian traditions. Works are made with the use of gold, silver, liquid glass, acrylic and so on. They represent the world around us.
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Oxana Lychagina participates in the New Year's fair
From November 29 to December 31, Alpert Gallery hosts the New Year's Designermade fair, where you can see and buy unusual designer gifts.
Interior and decor: Oxana Lychagina about the role of details
Russian design market is becoming more active nowadays. The generation of experienced professionals are equal to the young graduates and specialists in wildness cheerfulness - and Oxana Lychagina proves it.
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Photo report of opening Design Experience Academy
Event orginized by ABITANT.COM and the "Theatre of interior"
Oxana Lychagina at the opening of Design Experience Academy
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48 decorative plates in style à la russe
Oxana Lychagina: "I was inspired by Anna Muravina while I was making decorative plates in russian style. She offered me to design the wall in her restaurant "Московская Кухмистерская"
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Revival of heritage. Decorative plates
Oxana Lychagina: " A while ago I caught up in different techniques in decor. I was interested in many things: pitting painting "point to point", stained glass techniques, silk drawing, porcelain painting, gold-plating".
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Mandatory attributes
Oxana Lychagina talks about mandatory attributes in interior
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Авторские панно для интерьера
Authorial panels for interior
OLstudio presents the new direction of its work - the establishment and creation of authorial decorative panels. The technique of gold and silver-plating and any forms and sizes, made by Oxana Lychagina, set it apart of others.
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